Why local governments should consider a more comprehensive approach to human trafficking

By Shunu Shrestha, Senior Fellow for the City of Minneapolis

Pathways human trafficking fellow Shunu Shrestha recently published a piece in American City and County. Shunu reflects on her first nine months in this position and relates experiences from her work that illustrate why a comprehensive, citywide approach to addressing human trafficking is important and should be considered by other cities. Among the benefits of working across city departments, Shunu shared how her colleagues on the city’s staff, who had never considered the connection between their areas of focus and human trafficking, are now eager and willing to address labor trafficking and sexual exploitation from their unique vantage points.

To learn more of Shunu’s insights, visit American City and County to read her commentary, titled, “Why local governments should consider a holistic approach to human trafficking.”

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About Pathways to Freedom

Pathways to Freedom calls on cities to take urgent action to prevent human trafficking and address the unmet needs of survivors. This third challenge of the Partnership for Freedom focuses on challenging assumptions, spurring innovative city-wide responses, and sharing local solutions. Humanity United and the NoVo Foundation lead this final challenge in collaboration with 100 Resilient Cities.

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